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Eric Pras' cuisine

The table and cuisine - the heart and soul of the maison. The architecture of the building determines the interior spaces, and their decoration evolved over time. Stone walls and wooden beams still honour the French and Burgundy tradition. The five dining rooms offer different intimacies and atmospheres for everyone to find a little slice of home.

The soul of the Maison would not exist without friendly staff, a team that is united and committed to the Lameloise spirit, and who remain a testament and bond to this hospitality that has lived on from generation to generation.

Michelin through the ages

a few dates

*1926 to 1930
*1932 to 1939
no Michelin guide during the war
*1952 to 1973
**1974 to 1978
***1979 to 2004
**2005 to 2006
***from 2007
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