MAISON LAMELOISE a place of sharing

Since 1921, Maison Lameloise has generously continued to pass on the art of hospitality.

The hotel is located in a former post house at the heart of Burgundy, a modest and welcoming haven where you can relax and disconnect.

The small village of Chagny provides a natural stopover between Paris and the Mediterranean; it sits on Route Nationale 6 (now D906), which runs through France from north to south via Dijon, Beaune and the Rhone Valley.

A fair complicity


The Lameloise family took over the Hôtel du Commerce in Chagny in 1921, setting in motion a story of chefs and star ratings through three successive generations: Pierre, Jean and Jacques Lameloise.

Since 2009, this wonderful gourmet saga continues, featuring chef Eric Pras and Frédéric Lamy.

In 2008, Eric Pras, a 36-year-old chef and right-hand man for Régis Marcon, having won the trade title Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2004, took his place behind the stove alongside Jacques Lameloise. And a new story began to unfold within the walls of this illustrious hotel.

In 2009, another page was turned when Jacques definitively stepped aside, leaving Eric Pras, whose cuisine had already seduced both the old and the new clientele, at the helm – an example of a handover where the philosophy and art of cuisine remained faithful to the hotel’s motto: Tradition is innovation!

For Frédéric LAMY, it was a kind of homecoming. As a graduate of the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, he earned his stripes under Paul Bocuse. Frédéric had dreamed of running his own business, and was further drawn by the emotional dimension of returning to his native Chagny.

The power of humility

The best way to treat yourself or bring joy to your loved ones

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Bringing the emotional flavours of gastronomy to the heart of the home

In his book, Éric Pras endeavours to make his recipes accessible to as many people as possible. He shares 30 recipes from the restaurant for you to create at home.

‘Cooking is about sharing and the desire to bring joy’